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Health and Wellness

Health and Wellness

At Westtown, the Integrated Learning, Health, and Wellness Team is composed of nurses, learning specialists, school counselors, psychologists, psychology externs, grade deans, equity and inclusion practitioners, and college counselors who serve our Lower, Middle, and Upper School students. In support of the whole child, this multidisciplinary team provides services in an intentional and integrated manner using evidence-based practices from the fields of education, psychology, and medicine. They support students so that they are well prepared to be confident, self-aware learners. 

Throughout the Middle School years, students are supported by a learning specialist and school counselor who are dedicated to the Middle School specifically, who are part of the Integrated Learning, Health, and Wellness Team. Students also have individual advisors and grade-level deans who support them and help them navigate the academic and social experience, and who serve as points of contact for parents. 

Middle School students take a series of classes designed to foster competency in decision-making, community building, and other essential life skills. They engage in rotating modules over three years which help them gain knowledge necessary to them as students, community members, and leaders of a better world. 

In sixth grade, students will take a semester each of: 

  • Health 6
  • Decisions 6
  • Quakerism
  • Campus, Community, and Me 

Students are also part of a Student Learning Community Seminar, which meets weekly to explore good study habits and executive functioning skills. 

In seventh grade, students take a trimester each of: 

  • Health 7
  • Decisions 7
  • Student Learning Community Seminar 

 In eighth grade, students take a trimester each of: 

  • Health 8
  • Decisions 8
  • Computational Thinking 

Health Center 

Westtown’s Health Center is dedicated to the physical and emotional health of the school’s students. During the school year, the Health Center is staffed 24/7 by a team of nurses and a full-time administrative assistant. Students from all three divisions are served by the health center. A staff physician is on call at all times to the Health Center staff.

The Health Center maintains close contact with the Chester County Department of Health in matters of public health. 

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